Sword Canes are concealed weapons

Monday, November 14, 2011


You can learn a lot from watching old movies, rather than new ones, especially the old black and white, pre-technicolor days, especially when movie codes were sort of non-existent or rarely followed,etc. and especially in physical action, stunts, and related things from barroom brawls and self-defense and war tactics,etc..... Exotic weapons, wily villains, tight situations, escapes and captures, and a whole variety of things are there for the watching and for your edification if you take the time to really and truly observe.....sometimes it takes several watchings ...I have mentioned ;this in other blogs, of course, and will focus primarily on what I call, after viewing quite a collection of THE THREE STOOGES shorts and films, with the originals: Larry, Moe & Curly,,,,,that is now available....These range from 1934 to 1950's and the 1934-36-37 and the WWII years are all interesting to me personally. If you watch some of these, you will see certain routines that are often duplicated or repeated but which show some vary basic, yet effective,self defense techniques, such as, the two finger thrust to the eyes, the head butt to the midsection or solar plexus, the mule kick with the hind legs, some grappling, some throwing and some punches, that still can work if done and practiced. Later I shall list some of these when I have time or the episodes in which some can be found.......As an avid movie goer since 'babyhood' I have often ;mimicked, imitated,and tested such from time to time......so keep an open mind......in the early days, boxing, wrestling, acrobatics, knife throwing, judo,jiujitsu were often shown or mentioned in films....and surprisingly, MANY KICKS WERE EMPLOYED ....fast, high, accurate,etc. even if rehearsed....more on all this later..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

10,000 HOURS

MARTIAL ARTISTS and everyone else might learn a lot if they read a recent book by DENNY EMERSON called 'How Good Riders Get GOOD"(Trafalgar Square Books). Even if you are not a horse rider or person(and I am not) I recognize what he has experienced and learned and accomplished can be applied to nearly everything.... FOR EXAMPLE: the 10,000 HOUR RULE-which is essential if yoiu really aim or wish to be truly proficient in anything.......... PRACTICING THINGS FOR THE SAKE OF PRACTICE,whether bowling, golf, boxing, karate, wrestling, weight-lifting, sailing, pingpong, tennis, canoeing, running, etc. is ESSENTIAL! Most people and 'practitioners' fall short of this.....Persistence is needed as well as patience,of course. Doing the CORRECT BASICS CORRECTLY is important and AVOIDING the WRONG WAY TO DO THINGS, will make it easier to correct any mistakes, all of which makes GOOD 'HORSE SENSE'!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

സ്ലീപിംഗ് വിത്ത്‌ യുവര്‍ WEAPONS

Early on in childhood, I took to bed with me toys and stuffed or similar animals,etc. but most of all my various 'toy' guns, cap pistols, wooden pistols, metal guns, dart pistols, water pistols, along with numerous jacknives flashlights, glow in the dark items, etc. and over the years I have only modified this practice and I wonder how many of you sleep with your rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives, swords, and other weapons? Probably some of you think that merely having such by your side is sufficient or under the bed and possibly under the pillow or under the mattress(along with your cash and gold,etc.)....but there is something else..... Most of us might well have proximity to lamps and lights,etc. to use at night, especially when it is pitch-dark or pitch-black and so rely on this rather than knowing how to grab weapons and use them in the dark, unless we have practiced doing such,etc. or have a fair amount of training.....do any of you recall, as I do, dismantling an m-1 and then, blindfolded, putting it back together,etc.? The same process for loading and re-loading revolvers and pistols might be of great advantage as well.....and how about balisong manipulations in the dark and other knife tactics that you might employ,especially from a PRONE POSITION, lying on your back(I know prone means for most lying on the stomach)...??? Can you grabe a stick or sticker and use it in the dark if needed....? Such undoubtedly works better for single guys or gals rather than those with marital mates or otherwise.....but sleeping with weapons is a must in some areas or don't you think so?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


TRAINING in the way your fight and fighting in the way you train are, in my view, simply two sides of the same coin, for you seldom pick up skills from hit or miss episodes or fracases,but you can, after much experience, as some of the old arnis and other masters did, analyze and codify and format your techniques derived from the actual bouts you underwent as well as those defeats you may have suffered...Many only look at their victories and not their defeats....... Take simple fist fights as schoolboys(girls,clawing and scratching?) indulge in at various times....I have had quite a share of these and my losses usually came from the fact others interfered or intervened and separated the opponents or some other variables entered in..... Quite often 'the will to win is there' but the strength and ability of the other antagonist was too great or he was more skilled....therefore, seeking better ways to fight would be the logical thing to undertake and to get advice and information and knowledge in addition to experience and challenges....but too often we are dissuaded or discouraged or prevented from so doing....parents, elders, teachers, etc. all warn us of the dangers of fighting and defending ourselves,etc . as do other authorities..... In attacking the eyes, as has been mentioned, the finger thrusts of various kinds are used and the basic on is the separated index and middle finger to attack the eyes, depending on the range involved and the type of attack and so forth,but in the simple one-on-one confrontation, this thrust can be devastating and stop further aggression...but few use it these days for reasons discussed previously, such as, legal.... Strength and power, speed and timing, accuracy and precision, are things to develop in this training and there are numerous methods and training devices available and I shall mention a few of them..Some are traditional ones, while others are modern ones but all can assist the devotee to acquire some things he may not have had previously.....but the people who need this sort of thing seldom bother to train or learn or use this......I have mentioned these persons several times and only will again if someone raises questions that pertain to this aspect. Since this is a lengthy discussion of methodology, I shall come back to it another time....and those who read it will undoubtedly mention their favorite methods.........here, briefly are some: finger thrusts into sand, figner thrusts into suspended paper masks, finger thrusts and attacks on certain plastic/modern dummies, attempting to hit a suspended ball on a string,etc. with the finger tips, and also other devices too numerous to cover here now.

Monday, June 28, 2010


The eyes,are on each side of the CENTRAL LINE OF THE BODY and since most people with normal eyes that function have both of them, either can be attacked singly or doubly, and with a variety of methods, armed or unarmed....... Close range attacks to the eyes are needed when on used the fingers to jab or poke or attack the eyes, although sometimes flicking the fingers, waving an object or something to divert the eyes and to cause BLINKING can be done,etc. Few people have great control over their eyes and for this reason their eyes can be lead to look in certain directions, up,down, left, right,etc. by many simple manuevers and diversions......as every magician knows....and this also means that blinking is something few can avoid no matter what they do.....staring and fixation of gaze will not be discussed here,however. Various weapons, rigid, flexible, liquid,etc. can be used....few can withstand a faceful of acid, lye, ammonia,alcohol, etc. which if it hits the eyes makes the victim or opponent vulnerable to many followup techniques......even water from a spray bottle can upset one's vision and make one temporarily incapacitated. Whenever such are used, where should the spray be directed? Should it be directly into the eyes, or all over the face, or where.........and what ancient way of blinding the eyes of warriors was done that lead to certain adoption of part of a warriors' 'costume' ???? You may not see the connection with this discussion about eyes but it is there... Pepper sprays,etc. also used these days to attack the eyes....in order for police,etc. to subdue persons who are unruly, recalcitrant, troublesome,etc. but sometimes do not work due to various things, like wind,etc. interfering with the effectiveness,etc. If one is blind, all attacks on the eyes usually done in self-defense will not work, and this is the exception to the eyes being the most vulnerabl e spot on the body that is readily apparent to all and which can be used by young, old, weak, sickly, etc. without a good deal of training if at all....... Most people are visual oriented and dependent and seldom use the other senses.....HOWEVER, there are some blind martial artists who are able to defend themselves rather well when attacked but that is another topic that will not be covered or discussed here.................


Some have commented on my postings about the 'vulnerable spot' and have postulated that the mind, whatever that is, is the most vulnerable and they give some examples and notions on this,which are interesting.....but are not 'practical' in that you can use and develop such right off....in terms of self-defense or in staging an actual attack... BUT,in some respects a sort of 'mind control' can be utilized to attack the eyes and,indeed, to launch an attack or defense, in a manner I shall describe and others can then test it out if they wish,with all due cautions in place, of course. Essentially, mind control means leading the mind in a certain direction, either by evasion or deception or some similar methods that grab one's attention......how this is done is important. People are always talking of the importance of the eyes and some groups emphasize watching the eyes of the opponent in one-on-one conflicts or confrontations, believing that by watching the eyes, how they move and where they seem to focus can assist in any attack or defense and this is true as far as it goes......but some experts knowing this 'tidbit' make use of this to divert the attention and then attack in a very different mannner,etc. We are all familiar with magicians(stage) and jugglers and others that maniuplate how we see things.....the hand being quicker than the eye in most cases.....martial artists can take a few ideas from these practitioners by diverting the vision and the gaze in certain directions by certain things, such as, snapping the fingers on an extended arm, stomping the foot heavily, kicking in a direction while actually punching, and a very many other things that will lead the eyes away from the defender or attacker in these situations...... In other words, by taking 'control' of the sight, the gaze, the vision in this manner the mind is lead or controlled enough to do som serious damage, even kill the opponent......more on this another time.....but the fact is, the eyes remain the more vulnerable portion of the body-subject to attack and injury...and once out of commission, the 'victim',the 'opponent' etc. is then usually rendered pliable and open to whatever you wish to do, even kill him..........

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Many, if not most, martiala rtists,etc. tend to dichotomize things, and, in this case, tends towards one pole in preference to the other pole, citing various reasons and positions for either one......some based on actual experiences, while others based on system,style,school,etc. concepts and theories......usually derived after the old masters have fought life or death battles and then later on, decided to codify and organize their winning and 'secret' techniques into workable training programs for new students, pupils, heirs, and so forth....some with a commercial bent and flavor......all well and good......but.... Rather than accept one position as more 'logical', more 'accurate' etc. I think, for me, that these 'truths' about how to train and fight are essentially saying the same thing......but everyone is free to disagree and I expect such at any time ..... How do I fight and train at the same time? The term, LAGING HANDA, means always ready...so I am always ready to train and to fight, if need be....... Here is an example.....as I have mentioned, I consider the eyes the most vulnerable part of the body and since many attackers face us at times their eyes are a viable target and how can you do this if you have not trained or have not fought in such situations before? THE 'KEYS' TO TRAINING: Many of you will laugh at this, but here it is, and it is for those who really need such, women, girls, seniors, handicaps, children, etc...rather than big bury, conditioned athletes,competitive jocks, and highly trained martial artists and fighters ............. Simply take a set of keys,if you drive a car, or a similar device that can substitute(more on that another time) and hold them in your left hand when going to the car,coming from the car, and going around the mall,etc. etc. and have them ready to strike, thrust or jab into the eyes or if not reachable into other soft portions of the body, like the neck or under the breastbone,etc. you can also strike the kidneys,etc...... Using the left hand to hold the keys to strike has some advantages since many attackers believe you will use your right hand or arm and many persons do.........You can after striking the opponent in the eyes with your keys do many things, including running away, calling a cop on your cell phone, taking a photo of your attacker, and also following up with other strikes and things as well as kicks if needed...only you can determine how far to go and what you have to do,but the stress and environment may actually determine things as will the presence or absence of others....... You can carry your keys in your right hand also if you wish and do the same things........carrying your keys is legal and a weapon of opportunity and you need only say you were attacked and could not drop your keys or let them be taken by the attacker,etc...this will work if you are a teenager and a woman in many instances where the attacker is bigger, tougher, has a record,etc. After defending yourself and calling the cops you may have to engage a lawyer in this society in the US....good luck...